District Safety & Security

At Excelsior Springs School District, the safety and well-being of our students and staff are our paramount priorities. We understand the importance of fostering an environment that is secure, supportive, and conducive to learning. To achieve this, we have implemented a comprehensive protocol for dealing with existing and potential student and school crises. Our approach is multi-faceted, encompassing prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery strategies.

Prevention and Mitigation:

A key aspect of our safety strategy is the encouragement of an open and vigilant community. We believe that every member—students, staff, and families—plays a vital role in maintaining a safe school environment. Prompt reporting of anything suspicious or out of the ordinary enables us to be proactive in preventing potential threats. 

Response and Communication:

ESSD has a robust and well-coordinated response and recovery plan to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and the entire school community. Our commitment extends beyond prevention and mitigation, encompassing comprehensive strategies to respond effectively to a wide range of emergencies and to facilitate a swift recovery. An important component of our emergency plan is a set of interagency agreements with various county agencies to aid timely communication and help coordinate services between first responders and the District. 

In line with this, we have implemented the following Safety & Security measures throughout the district:

Intruder Response Training: All staff undergo annual training on intruder response facilitated by Navigate 360/ALICE, a third-party safety firm. This online training ensures that our staff is well-equipped to handle potential intruder situations effectively.

Safety Assessment:
In collaboration with first responders, ongoing safety assessments of our facilities are conducted. This partnership ensures that safety remains a primary focus in all aspects of our school infrastructure.

School Resource Officers:
Our trained Excelsior Springs School Police Officers serve as School Resource Officers stationed throughout the district. Their presence goes beyond emergency situations and extends to addressing day-to-day issues that might arise, fostering a sense of security among students and staff.

Camera System
(over 300): The district boasts an extensive camera system covering both interior and exterior locations of all buildings. This surveillance system is a crucial tool in monitoring and responding to potential security threats. The Excelsior Springs Police Department has live access to our video surveillance, facilitating a seamless collaboration in the event of an emergency.
Digital Radios: Staff members in every building are equipped with digital radios, enabling real-time communication for day-to-day operations as well as emergency situations.
Electronic Access Control: Multiple doors at each location are equipped with Electronic Access Control, allowing for quick access into a building while maintaining closed, locked doors to ensure a single point of entry for non-employees.
Guided Entry and Safety/Security Vestibules: All buildings feature a guided single point of entry and a safety/security vestibule, preventing unauthorized visitors from entering beyond the office area without permission.
RAPTOR Visitor Management System: This system scans visitors against a database to identify individuals who should not be on school property, enhancing our ability to control access.
Police Training in Buildings: Collaborative training sessions with the Excelsior Springs Police Department and Ray County Sheriff’s department are conducted in various schools around the District, ensuring a coordinated response in case of emergencies.
Passive Surveillance Training: Staff is trained to adopt a "See something, Say something" approach, encouraging open communication about any concerns to ensure a swift response.
NIGHTLOCK System: Intruder defense devices, NIGHTLOCK, are strategically placed in every school, serving as a redundancy for barricading doors during lockdown situations.
Classroom Emergency Kits: Soon to be implemented, emergency kits in classrooms will provide essential supplies for rendering aid during emergency situations.
Threat Assessment Matrix: Administration Staff conduct threat assessments on individuals to determine their propensity for harm. The matrix ensures a consistent and appropriate response.
Terrorism Threat Matrix: Threats made to the District are assessed by Administration Staff using a matrix to determine the level of threat, ensuring a consistent and appropriate response.
Communication Protocols: Ensuring that students, staff, families, and patrons have accurate and timely information during an emergency is an important part of crisis prevention and response. The District issues emergency information via local media, social media, and the District's website.
Emergency Evacuation Plans: Detailed evacuation plans are in place for each school building, considering various emergency scenarios. These plans are regularly reviewed and updated to address changing circumstances.
Raptor Alert / Drill Manager: Raptor Drill manager lets us schedule and track all of our drills throughout the District. This Raptor Alert system allows for a silent, mobile panic alert technology that works on the devices your schools use every day and connects with hard-wired, wireless, and cellular networks. Raptor Alert expedites and streamlines emergency response by allowing users to initiate an alert directly through 911 and provide critical information to first responders, law enforcement, and campus personnel.  
Collaboration with External Agencies: We collaborate with external agencies, such as local hospitals and emergency services, to ensure a seamless transition from the initial response to the recovery phase.
Continuous Improvement: We conduct thorough debriefings after each emergency to evaluate our response and identify areas for improvement. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our response strategies evolve to meet the dynamic nature of potential threats.

In summary, the Excelsior Springs School District is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all. Our comprehensive approach to safety incorporates preventive measures, ongoing training, and collaborative partnerships with law enforcement. By working together, we can ensure that our schools remain places of learning, growth, and above all, safety.

Jeff Kimsey
Safety Coordinator
Phone: 816-630-9210
Email: [email protected]